Visualisation of Emotions of Classical Drama (VECDRA) is a project aiming to improve reading skills and classical drama knowledge of our pupils as well as English language skills in a non-traditional way.

VECDRA is an Erasmus+ KA228 strategic partnership between three schools:

The project aims to

  • introduce our cultural heritage to our pupils through the works of the poet and playwright, William Shakespeare (the main reason is that his work is a bridge classical Greek theater and the modern theater);
  • see our pupils read Shakespeare's works, discuss the main ideas the literature teaches, take part in lectures on Shakespeare's works and learn about nonverbal communication; and
  • strengthen key competences in Vocational Education and Training.

The main tasks that will be realized by the three partners are:

  • The 2nd Gymnasium of Xanthi will to prepare two theater performances (one performance a year). The English text of the Shakespearean plays should be simplified in a form similar to to VOA's special English. The Greek text should be any standard translation. These performances will be played for school pupils and for the general public. Both plays will be videorecorded.
  • VOSIS a SSEMI and Jozefa Murgaša will translate the dialogs of the final screenplays into Czech and Slovak, respectively. They will also get a Greek translation of the English dialoges and will create SRT files that should be usable as subtitles. In addition, they will edit the video recordings of the two plays.

The first meeting tool place in Prague from Januray 16 till January 18, 2019. In this meeting partners discussed all implementation details. In particular, they examined the text of the first play, a version of The taming of the shrew in Special English and tryed to spot all possible problems that can be encountered during the videorecoring of the play and how to use a professional director for the play.

The second meeting of the program was a training event for pupils. It took place in Xanthi, Greece, from June 17–21, 2019. The meeting was hosted by the 2nd Gymnasium of Xanthi. During this meeting pupils filmed a public performance of the play that will be available later on. Also, it was agreed to work on "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for the third meeting.


A video with pictures from the first meeting


A video with pictures from the second meeting


Pupils wandewring in Xanthi


Dance scene


Staging the second play




The first public perfomance of "The Taming of the Shrew"


The first public perfomance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"


Presentation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in the local press